Rise of the Runelords

Orrin's Journal #3

This town is built on horror.

We rescued Ameiko, and slew her captor Tsuto and his goblin allies. However, we could not save Lonjiku from his son. His fate is best not spoken of.

Tsuto has allied himself to some cultist of Lamashtu who appears to have rallied the local goblins. He spoke of two of the local Goblin Heroes in his journal – Chief Ripnugget, and Bruthazmus, a Bugbear nemesis of Shalelu’s; his unnamed love appears to be in charge, but his views may not be reliable.

Their plans will not be permitted.

Tsuto’s diary also spoke of plans to invade the town through old smuggler’s tunnels beneath the Glassworks, but when we went down to explore them and seal them off, we discovered much more than we expected.

Ancient catacombs, by their statuary dating back to ancient Thassilon, stretched out far beyond the Glassworks. Awful creatures lurked in the darkness. Hidden in a strange cathedral to the Mother of Monsters was Erylium, a Quasit ally of the villains who afflict Sandpoint.

She summoned monsters to her defense with the use of a mysterious well that responded to the spilling of blood, but neither her cowardice nor her wickedness could save her.

While the Quasit is slain, the darkness she created lingers.

It will not be permitted.


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