Rise of the Runelords

Orrin's Journal #2

Tyrus is not mad.

There are people of power in this world. That power may be destined, though in the Age of Lost Omens, who can say for certain. That power may be stolen, though little good comes of that. That power may be earned, and happily that is Tyrus’s path.

Aroden, Norgorber, Kurgess, Irori, Cayden Cailean, Iomedae.

The Path was not the same for any of them, but it always leads through Excellence.

I went hunting for the first time. Tickwood Forest is not owned by any noble, and Draveed, Tyrus and I were invited to a hunt with Aldern Foxglove. He appears to be quite inspired by my actions. I hope to turn him towards a truer understanding of service, but he seems more impressed by the strength of my arms than the faith that guides them.

  • * * * * * * *

Today I failed.

A woman came to us for help. Her child had been terrified by monsters in the night, and her husband had confronted them, thinking them only shadows from the mind of a frightened child.

They were all too real.

A particularly vicious goblin had hidden within their house. By the time we arrived, the man was dead, and partially eaten.

We fought against the goblin, but it was able to defeat me. I underestimated it, and paid the price. If my friends had not been there, I would have joined that unfortunate man on the floor of a closet.

  • * * * * * * * *

Ameiko is missing.

Her father had an ugly confrontation with her in the Rusty Dragon Inn and disowned her. Very shortly after she received a letter from her estranged brother, Tsuto, claiming that their father had been involved in the goblin attack!

She went to meet with him at the family glassworks, but hasn’t returned.

Tsuto’s letter was oddly cheerful. It may be unfounded, but I suspect that the letter was sent to draw Ameiko into an ambush. If so, I fear for her safety.

We go now to find her.


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