Rise of the Runelords

As Regards the ownership of Foxglove Manor (A.K.A. The Misgivings)

A letter in Common is addressed to Mayor Deverin, attached to it are what appear to be copies in Varisian and a phoenetic interpreation of Goblin

To the City Fathers (and Mothers) of Sandpoint,

I write to you about the situation as it pertains to Foxglove Manor, otherwise known as the Misgivings, and its ownership. While it was assumed, justifiably, that ownership should revert to city ownership with the ending of the Foxglove line, represented by the deaths of Aldern Foxglove and his wife, and then the quelling of their undead manifestations, my companions and I have discovered evidence that this is not the case. I have attached a copy of this evidence to these letters by means of a psychic impression. As I recognize that psychic impressions may be difficult to interpret and as yet hold little legal weight, and as I recognize that my own skill at creating psychometric impressions is amateur at best, please be assured that physical copies of this evidence will be forthcoming once the scribe has finished copying and has mailed them out.

I contend, however, that the signatories of this document have acted in bad faith with both the community of Sandpoint, see the murders commited by Aldern Foxglove, otherwise known as the “Skinsaw Man,” and with the other signatories of the document, the Foxglove family, see the murder and reanimation as a ghast of Aldern Foxglove. Consequently, I must recommend that the town council take immediate legal action to void this document and take control of Foxglove Manor, or perhaps, to avoid the ire of the unknown entities of which the Brotherhood consists, place the ownership in the hands of trusted third party. To that end, as my companions and I are in Magnimar presently, we would be happy to retain a priest of Abodar to begin the proceedings on your behalf.

As to who would be an appropriate third party, I confess that ownership of Foxglove Manor would aid me in adhering to the oath that I promised to the entity within its walls, formerly known as Vorel Foxglove. Furthermore, I would expect to be sufficient to weather the attentions of the Brotherhood, particularly since my companions and I intend to root them out. Finally, I would not expect ownership of so august a home to come for free, even temporarily. I propose that continued ownership be contingent upon improvement of the lands and protection of the town and peoples of Sandpoint from the malevolent forces both within and surrounding the Misgivings. As such I would be happy to additionally sign paperwork that would indicate that the land revert back to town council with the absenting of threat from the Brotherhood and/or Vorel Foxglove, or my apparent inability to perform my duties due to causes including but not limited to death, dismemberment, disease, or psychic catastrophe.

Please advise me regarding the council’s wishes.

Yours in Service,
Draveed Relicfinder, Freeman and Deputy of Sandpoint.


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