Rise of the Runelords

As Regards the ownership of Foxglove Manor (A.K.A. The Misgivings)

A letter in Common is addressed to Mayor Deverin, attached to it are what appear to be copies in Varisian and a phoenetic interpreation of Goblin

To the City Fathers (and Mothers) of Sandpoint,

I write to you about the situation as it pertains to Foxglove Manor, otherwise known as the Misgivings, and its ownership. While it was assumed, justifiably, that ownership should revert to city ownership with the ending of the Foxglove line, represented by the deaths of Aldern Foxglove and his wife, and then the quelling of their undead manifestations, my companions and I have discovered evidence that this is not the case. I have attached a copy of this evidence to these letters by means of a psychic impression. As I recognize that psychic impressions may be difficult to interpret and as yet hold little legal weight, and as I recognize that my own skill at creating psychometric impressions is amateur at best, please be assured that physical copies of this evidence will be forthcoming once the scribe has finished copying and has mailed them out.

I contend, however, that the signatories of this document have acted in bad faith with both the community of Sandpoint, see the murders commited by Aldern Foxglove, otherwise known as the “Skinsaw Man,” and with the other signatories of the document, the Foxglove family, see the murder and reanimation as a ghast of Aldern Foxglove. Consequently, I must recommend that the town council take immediate legal action to void this document and take control of Foxglove Manor, or perhaps, to avoid the ire of the unknown entities of which the Brotherhood consists, place the ownership in the hands of trusted third party. To that end, as my companions and I are in Magnimar presently, we would be happy to retain a priest of Abodar to begin the proceedings on your behalf.

As to who would be an appropriate third party, I confess that ownership of Foxglove Manor would aid me in adhering to the oath that I promised to the entity within its walls, formerly known as Vorel Foxglove. Furthermore, I would expect to be sufficient to weather the attentions of the Brotherhood, particularly since my companions and I intend to root them out. Finally, I would not expect ownership of so august a home to come for free, even temporarily. I propose that continued ownership be contingent upon improvement of the lands and protection of the town and peoples of Sandpoint from the malevolent forces both within and surrounding the Misgivings. As such I would be happy to additionally sign paperwork that would indicate that the land revert back to town council with the absenting of threat from the Brotherhood and/or Vorel Foxglove, or my apparent inability to perform my duties due to causes including but not limited to death, dismemberment, disease, or psychic catastrophe.

Please advise me regarding the council’s wishes.

Yours in Service,
Draveed Relicfinder, Freeman and Deputy of Sandpoint.

Orrin's Journal #5

Can Goblins choose Good?

We have helped make peace between Gogmurt’s chieftain and the people of Sandpoint. Perhaps it will hold, but at least it is a chance to end the violence, and without compromising the ability of Sandpoint to defend themselves.

Now the monsters come from within.

Some fiend, probably a ghoul or ghast, is loose within Sandpoint, and has struck twice, or is feasting on the leavings of some other killer.

Sheriff Hemlock has asked us to investigate, since a note addressed to me was found at the second crime scene, and frankly since his deputies aren’t investigators.

Memories of the Axe
Part 1

Joy and terror mix to form the exultant pride at a bad deed well done
Trees flow past, dangerously close in the dark, but none strike you. A glance back reveals the light still flickering in the distance. He doesn’t know yet, no one knows. You don’t know what the axe is worth, but it must be valuable.

Confusion and fear mingle together, barely suppressed by resolve. At the edges, the remains of a great rage seem to be fading away
Sharp, particular images flash: a large keep in disrepair, a bag flying past a window, a starving warhorse, two beautiful but terrible women, a horrid mutant beast that flickers in and out of being, a tall man with a glaive and a book, shadowy claws, a seven pointed star.
A soft, detached sounding voice speaks “Orrin keeps his journals, and I did not really understand them until now. I do not think I could do the same, but my story must persist. I have seen the memories of items and I’m not sure if this will work, but I am attempting to my own onto this axe. I will do my best not to overwhelm the memories it already has, those are part of what it is, but I must tell my tale somehow. I begin at our arrival at the Thornkeep. It is strange, as repugnant as they are, my companions and I were almost drawn in by the grotesque humor of their antics: a cruel game of murdered seagulls, the great crime of stolen pickles, the inestimable danger of a well-trained warhorse. However, we swiftly found that the disgusting, if silly, machinations of the goblins only covered for far more terrible things beneath the surface.”

“While it was initially surprising to find detailed plans of assault in the goblin outpost, the discover of an enchantress assisting the goblins both explained and deepened our concern. We swiftly subdued her, though she has been largely non-responsive. A wand of hers gave me a name, Lyrie. While it might simply be the wands crafter, I suspect it belongs to the young Osirian woman. Beyond her, we descended further into a temple which proved, as if any proof was needed, that these structures were not strictly goblin. We found statues and markings of the peoples we dreamed of. Particularly statues of a man our dreams identified as Karzoug. In these ruins we encountered Tsuto’s lover. While Orrin recognized the signs of divinity in her bloodline, her worship of Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters, had warped her greatly. We were forced to put her down rather than take her for questioning, but there is no question she would have received the same punishment eventually.”
“The dangers of the goblins and their leaders though paled in comparison to the beings who had been trapped here for centuries. Behind clever mechanisms that seem to have baffled the keep’s current inhabitants, we discovered first some sentient creature, not entirely of this realm that pounced on us from invisibility. We fled and locked it back in the chamber it seems to have occupied for centuries. In another room, marked by a seven-pointed star, we found a burial chamber of restless dead. While their bodies remained quiet, the shadows of the fallen assaulted us. I myself was struck down and thought it to be my last moments, but as their cold incorporeal claws severed my soul from its bindings, I felt the colder yet grip of my lady, the goddess Pharasma, return me to my body to fight again. I have always been a somewhat indifferent allegiant, but I feel that must change. I will try to remember more in this manner later, I hear the sounds of a cat hunting and fear we are in immediate danger.”
A rush of anxious excitement washes away further memories

Orrin's Journal #4

We have cleansed the catacombs.

Concerned by the plans Tsuto and his allies had laid for attacking Sandpoint we set forth to defeat this Chief Ripnugget, and whatever allies he has gathered to him at Thistletop.

We discovered that they had defenses prepared that were surprisingly sophisticated, for goblins. Their briar-watchtower appeared to be captained by a druid, or possibly a sylvan sorcerer. We fought with him and his firepelt cougar, but they were able to evade us in the cramped tunnels between the brambles.

It may be we have not seen the last of this goblin, but at least we have escaped his maze to Thistletop itself, where more challenges surely await us.

Orrin's Journal #3

This town is built on horror.

We rescued Ameiko, and slew her captor Tsuto and his goblin allies. However, we could not save Lonjiku from his son. His fate is best not spoken of.

Tsuto has allied himself to some cultist of Lamashtu who appears to have rallied the local goblins. He spoke of two of the local Goblin Heroes in his journal – Chief Ripnugget, and Bruthazmus, a Bugbear nemesis of Shalelu’s; his unnamed love appears to be in charge, but his views may not be reliable.

Their plans will not be permitted.

Tsuto’s diary also spoke of plans to invade the town through old smuggler’s tunnels beneath the Glassworks, but when we went down to explore them and seal them off, we discovered much more than we expected.

Ancient catacombs, by their statuary dating back to ancient Thassilon, stretched out far beyond the Glassworks. Awful creatures lurked in the darkness. Hidden in a strange cathedral to the Mother of Monsters was Erylium, a Quasit ally of the villains who afflict Sandpoint.

She summoned monsters to her defense with the use of a mysterious well that responded to the spilling of blood, but neither her cowardice nor her wickedness could save her.

While the Quasit is slain, the darkness she created lingers.

It will not be permitted.

Orrin's Journal #2

Tyrus is not mad.

There are people of power in this world. That power may be destined, though in the Age of Lost Omens, who can say for certain. That power may be stolen, though little good comes of that. That power may be earned, and happily that is Tyrus’s path.

Aroden, Norgorber, Kurgess, Irori, Cayden Cailean, Iomedae.

The Path was not the same for any of them, but it always leads through Excellence.

I went hunting for the first time. Tickwood Forest is not owned by any noble, and Draveed, Tyrus and I were invited to a hunt with Aldern Foxglove. He appears to be quite inspired by my actions. I hope to turn him towards a truer understanding of service, but he seems more impressed by the strength of my arms than the faith that guides them.

  • * * * * * * *

Today I failed.

A woman came to us for help. Her child had been terrified by monsters in the night, and her husband had confronted them, thinking them only shadows from the mind of a frightened child.

They were all too real.

A particularly vicious goblin had hidden within their house. By the time we arrived, the man was dead, and partially eaten.

We fought against the goblin, but it was able to defeat me. I underestimated it, and paid the price. If my friends had not been there, I would have joined that unfortunate man on the floor of a closet.

  • * * * * * * * *

Ameiko is missing.

Her father had an ugly confrontation with her in the Rusty Dragon Inn and disowned her. Very shortly after she received a letter from her estranged brother, Tsuto, claiming that their father had been involved in the goblin attack!

She went to meet with him at the family glassworks, but hasn’t returned.

Tsuto’s letter was oddly cheerful. It may be unfounded, but I suspect that the letter was sent to draw Ameiko into an ambush. If so, I fear for her safety.

We go now to find her.

Orrin's Journal #1

It seems I read this omen aright.

A goblin raid struck Sandpoint, and in addition to the efforts of the towns defenders, I and two other newcomers to the town, Draveed and Tyrus, were in a position to do some good, and prevent as much harm as we could.

Several of the townsfolk have taken to treating us as Local Heroes, I suspect mostly because of the minor celebrity we had earned as successful newcomers to the Festival Games, rather than what contributions we made to the town’s defense.

The upside of this, is that Sheriff Hemlock has taken us into his confidence, and asked us to aid him in some matters around town. The undead appear to be stirring around the boneyard, Lacedons striking from a nearby cave, and Skeletons rising from a place that should be holy – the tomb of Father Tobyn, a priest who died during what the locals refer to as the Unpleasantness.

Father Tobyn’s tomb was disturbed during the goblin raid – we found one of the creatures accursed within, but there weren’t any other tombs that had been raided.

Was Father Tobyn buried with some great treasure? We found a robe that had a lingering enchantment upon it, but it had dissipated enough that even Draveed could not decipher it. Is it a remnant of other wonders?

Pre-Session 1 Post
The current state of things.

Rough plan for Session 1:

  • Introduce Mike’s character.
  • Kill many goblins.
  • Explore Sandpoint; Bask in heroism for a bit.

Downtime Action Points:

  • Assuming nobody fatigues for more.
  • These points must be spent before the session starts. (Defined as my first narration of new content.)

Three days will have passed between Orrin and Draveed arriving in Sandpoint, and the events that will take place in the upcoming session.

Mike’s character will arrive in time for the Welcoming Speeches of the Swallowtail Festival.

  • Orrin: 5; An action point’s worth of time is being spent with Savah, being fitted for the full plate.
  • Draveed: 6
  • (Mike’s Character): 0; Hasn’t shown up yet.

Currently starting with two hero points:

Garrett; Kudos!

Currently starting with one hero point:

Alex, Mike; Please post character bios. Sheets would be nice as well, but not tied to the hero point.

A heads-up!

There will be a weird segment in the session (You’ll know it when it comes up, but I don’t want to spoil it); That segment will be largely free-form, not stat based, so if you’re asked a question and you don’t have an answer ready to go just specify whether you want to answer honestly, lie, etc. on the assumption that your character knows what’s going on (or at least thinks they do) even if you don’t. I’ll go over this heads up again at the session.

Downtime Action Points - Initial thoughts
A way to handle between session stuff via Obsidian Portal.

Downtime Action Points:

Since we have three (3) weeks between sessions, it seems to me that there should be some method for handling off-screen character activities, if only for the purpose of expediting the actual content of sessions. With this in mind, I am going to suggest a houseruled system that I am referring to as “Downtime Action Points.”

What is a Downtime Action Point? (action point)

A Downtime Action Point is meant to approximately reflect 4 productive hours of your character’s day.

4 hours is a somewhat arbitrary number, chosen primarily to make numbers play nicely with the Item Creation rules.

What can an action point do?

1 action point = 4 hours of progress on creating a magic item, talking to people, consulting books, a profession check, etc., etc., etc.

“What if [this thing] says it takes 10-12 hours!?!?!?!?!”
Then it probably takes two action points, but double check with me.

How many action points do I get?

You will be given 0-2 action points per day covered in the session.

Downtime days covered in the session will result in 0 action points.

Days covered in the session where the party has been active for 8+ hours will result in 0 action points.

Days where the party has been active for 0-4 hours will result in 1 action point.

Downtime days not covered in the session (including “alright, next time we gather will be X days later…” etc.) will result in 2 action points.

In the event that the party splits, action points will be adjudicated at my discretion as GM. A reasonable expectation is 1 action point per character during low-moderate activity days and 0 in high activity days.

A day in which a character is fatigued will result in -1 action point; Within reason. (Being fatigued for 5 rounds won’t affect your action points, being fatigued for 5 hours will.)

Can I get more action points somehow?

Yes. Generally you can gain +1 action point in exchange for your character being Fatigued (per the condition) for the next day (until 8 hours of sleep), as they give up on sleep to get more done. This fatigue can be mitigated or delayed as if from any other source.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted you cannot spend more than two (2) action points on a given task in the same day.

What else can I do with action points?

  • Learn about the city or town that the party is in.
    1 Action Point will reveal further details about one (1) building/business/establishment in your current settlement.
    If you do not request a specific establishment, I will simply fill in the next on the list. This will not reveal plot-important facts, but will reveal side-quest relevant facts.

2 Action Points will reveal further details about three (3) buildings/businesses/establishments in your current settlement.
Same caveat.

  • Learn about the surrounding area.
    1 Action Point will reveal further details about one (1) landmark in the area.
  • Night’s Rest, at an inn
    1 Action Point (and appropriate GP) spent resting (without Fatigue for a 3rd) will restore 2x character level HP, as if recieving long term care.
  • Bed Rest
    2 Action Points (and appropriate GP) spent resting (without Fatigue for a 3rd) will restore 4x character level HP, as if recieving long term care.
  • Night’s Rest, wilderness
    1 Action Point spent resting (without Fatigue for a 3rd) will restore 2x character level HP, as if recieving long term care.
  • Bed Rest, wilderness

2 Action Points spent resting (without Fatigue for a 3rd) will restore 3x character level HP, as if recieving long term care.

  • Shopping!
    Each Action Point (maximum: 2) spent looking for a specific item (e.g. Giantbane Battle Axe +2) increases that item’s chance of availability by 10%.
    If the roll indicates that no such item is available, each Action Point spent results in a same % roll to hear about a (side quest, or out of area) lead on the same item. There is an 80% chance that the lead is accurate.
  • Check a library
    Assuming an appropriate library is available in the area, one (1) Action Point will allow you to choose from the following:
    -Roll an untrained Knowledge skill without the artificial limit of 10 on the result.
    -Roll again on a knowledge you have previously failed.
    Second (2nd) and third (3rd) Action Points spent in the same day will result in cumulative +2 circumstance bonuses to either roll.
  • Travel
    Assumed to take either 1 or 2 Action Points per day, depending on the pace the party chooses.
The Adventure Log
And adventure twigs

The adventure log section is (should be) free for anyone to use.

Please keep it on topic, though out of character is fine.


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