Koya Mvashti

Daughter of Madame Niska Mvashti, Cleric of Desna


Human, Cleric, Old

Further stats will be added if and when they become relevant.

Koya is not eligible for cohort status.


Koya is an open book, but a book with too many stories for one sitting.

She has spent a fair amount of her life traveling Varisia with a number of caravans, serving as a healer when she was younger and more recently as a fortune-teller. For the past several years, she’s been traveling with her adopted son Sandru Vhiski on a regular caravan route that travels between Riddleport, Magnimar, and Korvosa two or three times a year. The caravan spends most of its time relatively close to Sandpoint, though, and that has suited Koya fine, since it gives her more time to care for her aged mother.

A “spinster” by choice more than circumstance, she occasionally jokes that she met all the right men at all the wrong times and all the wrong men at even worse times, Koya never had any natural born children. Even so she sees no great distinction between a natural born child and an adopted child, of which she has had a few over the years as well as many foster children who she took in during times of need.

The most well known of her adopted children are the aforementioned Sandru Vhiski, who is widely regarded as a “local boy done good” and an elf by the name Anerion; An elf being adopted by a human was viewed as odd at first, but it soon became clear that the young elf had recently endured some trauma and Koya was helping to heal the spiritual wounds he had sustained.

Regarding the greatsword that “used to belong to one of Koya’s boys, if I recall…”:

Hmm, I never thought too much about it, the sword did briefly belong to Jubrayl. But he was grown by the time his and Sandru’s parents were taken by the storm those years ago. Good people, the Vhiskis, and dear friends… But I digress, Jubrayl inherited most everything. Alder and Sandru, oh they couldn’t have been more than twelve and eight years old at the time? They had their choice of keepsakes of course, but Jubrayl was in no position to raise two young boys. He ran off to Magnimar for a few years, while I looked after the boys.

At any rate, the sword! It was Desov’s to begin with – Sandru’s father that is. Then Jubrayl inherited it, after a few years on one of his visits to Sandpoint to see his brothers and his friends he passed it on to Sandru. He made quite the day of it, actually. I wasn’t allowed to join! Koya laughs Something about a solemn Vhiski blood oath, or some drama like that. Anyway, Sandru was basking in his eldest brother’s attention that day, and he came home with that very sword. He kept it for years, until the end of his first contract as a caravan guard. I’ll never forget it. The caravan didn’t make it from Magnimar to Korvosa and back (~1,200 miles, for those who aren’t Varisia scholars.) before Sandru had talked the caravan master into selling him something lighter, at cost! He left the sword with me after that, and I held on to it for years. Well, he runs his own caravan company now, and I’ve asked him every few months if he’d like it back but he just doesn’t care for the weight of the thing. Not that I blame him. So I told him earlier this year that if he doesn’t want it, I’m going to go to Gorvi. I’m going to go to Gorvi and I’m going to have Gorvi put it in the box for Goblin Fishing. After all, it seems like the things that get fished up always end up in the right hands.

Koya Mvashti

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