Rise of the Runelords

Pre-Session 1 Post

The current state of things.

Rough plan for Session 1:

  • Introduce Mike’s character.
  • Kill many goblins.
  • Explore Sandpoint; Bask in heroism for a bit.

Downtime Action Points:

  • Assuming nobody fatigues for more.
  • These points must be spent before the session starts. (Defined as my first narration of new content.)

Three days will have passed between Orrin and Draveed arriving in Sandpoint, and the events that will take place in the upcoming session.

Mike’s character will arrive in time for the Welcoming Speeches of the Swallowtail Festival.

  • Orrin: 5; An action point’s worth of time is being spent with Savah, being fitted for the full plate.
  • Draveed: 6
  • (Mike’s Character): 0; Hasn’t shown up yet.

Currently starting with two hero points:

Garrett; Kudos!

Currently starting with one hero point:

Alex, Mike; Please post character bios. Sheets would be nice as well, but not tied to the hero point.

A heads-up!

There will be a weird segment in the session (You’ll know it when it comes up, but I don’t want to spoil it); That segment will be largely free-form, not stat based, so if you’re asked a question and you don’t have an answer ready to go just specify whether you want to answer honestly, lie, etc. on the assumption that your character knows what’s going on (or at least thinks they do) even if you don’t. I’ll go over this heads up again at the session.


Downtime points being spent on learning more about Jubrayl and Koya. (Gotta follow Sword-Omens). Not sure if they count as landmarks or if this is an untrained Knowledge (Local) with a +2-4 bonus.

Pre-Session 1 Post

Downtime points spent to investigate Pauper’s Grave, Grubber’s Hermitage (2 Points), Mosswood Forest, and Devil’s Platter

Pre-Session 1 Post

All of these things are (or will be in the next five minutes) updated, with the exception of Jubrayl. He’s a bit of a pain to dig up more than a DM-reference heavy couple of paragraphs on, but he will be updated soon.

Pre-Session 1 Post
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