Rise of the Runelords

Orrin's Journal #4

We have cleansed the catacombs.

Concerned by the plans Tsuto and his allies had laid for attacking Sandpoint we set forth to defeat this Chief Ripnugget, and whatever allies he has gathered to him at Thistletop.

We discovered that they had defenses prepared that were surprisingly sophisticated, for goblins. Their briar-watchtower appeared to be captained by a druid, or possibly a sylvan sorcerer. We fought with him and his firepelt cougar, but they were able to evade us in the cramped tunnels between the brambles.

It may be we have not seen the last of this goblin, but at least we have escaped his maze to Thistletop itself, where more challenges surely await us.


UnleashTheBraken terrag25

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