Rise of the Runelords

Orrin's Journal #1

It seems I read this omen aright.

A goblin raid struck Sandpoint, and in addition to the efforts of the towns defenders, I and two other newcomers to the town, Draveed and Tyrus, were in a position to do some good, and prevent as much harm as we could.

Several of the townsfolk have taken to treating us as Local Heroes, I suspect mostly because of the minor celebrity we had earned as successful newcomers to the Festival Games, rather than what contributions we made to the town’s defense.

The upside of this, is that Sheriff Hemlock has taken us into his confidence, and asked us to aid him in some matters around town. The undead appear to be stirring around the boneyard, Lacedons striking from a nearby cave, and Skeletons rising from a place that should be holy – the tomb of Father Tobyn, a priest who died during what the locals refer to as the Unpleasantness.

Father Tobyn’s tomb was disturbed during the goblin raid – we found one of the creatures accursed within, but there weren’t any other tombs that had been raided.

Was Father Tobyn buried with some great treasure? We found a robe that had a lingering enchantment upon it, but it had dissipated enough that even Draveed could not decipher it. Is it a remnant of other wonders?


UnleashTheBraken terrag25

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